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Your Company Status

Set the values to reflect the current status of your company...

How many employees do you have?
Up to 50
What is your approximate annual revenue? (GBP equivalent)
Up to £5m
£5m - £10m
£10m - £25m
£25m - £75m
What is your company’s business sector?
Consumer Goods & Services
Business Goods & Services
Technology / Telecoms
Energy / Utilities / Oil & Gas
Materials / Mining
Industrial / Engineering / Manufacturing
Healthcare / Pharma
Financial Services
Where is your company headquartered?
US / Canada
Central / South America
Middle East / Africa
Asia Pacific / Eurasia

Growth Finance Background

Describe the growth and funding history of your company...

What revenue growth have you experienced in the past 3 years (CAGR)?
Less than 5%
What funding types have you already used to support your growth? (Select all that apply)
Personal / family / friends
Bank / commercial loan
Asset-based finance
Leasing / hire purchase
Export or trade finance
Business grants
Peer-to-peer lending
Equity crowdfunding
Angel finance
Venture capital
Corporate venture capital
Venture debt
Private equity
IPO / public offering of shares

Your Growth Plans

Describe the growth plans that best match your company’s vision...

What near-term business goals do you want to achieve? (Select all that apply)
Launch a new product, service or brand
Support sales growth
Expand into new domestic markets or areas
Expand business internationally
Invest in improved / new facilities
Increase number of staff
Financial restructure / refinance
Business acquisition plans
Support working capital
Attract new shareholders
Provide an exit for existing shareholders
Secure private growth finance
Launch an IPO on AIM/Main Market
Raise public debt finance
How much external funding would you like to raise? (GBP equivalent)
Up to £1m
£1m - £3m
£3m - £10m
£10m - £50m
Within what timescale do you want to raise this funding?
Within 1 month
Within 6 months
Within 1 year
Within 3 years

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